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  • About us

    Momo-plays is a brand of Cructiq AG.

  • What is Momo-plays?

    Momo-plays is a subscription service, which offers you access to unlimited entertainment for all your devices. 

    You can access Momo-plays on all devices, anytime, anywhere

  • What Will I Find in Momo-plays's Library?

    Momo-plays offers unlimited entertainment including Games.

    All of this digital content is at your fingertips!

    Curious what you can find inside Momo-plays? You can have a sneak preview by signing up for a trial here.

  • Momo-plays Plans & Availability


    This plan costs £19.99 for 28 days. Customers will have unlimited access to all content.
    We are offering a free trial for you to experience everything Momo-plays has to offer.
    4 devices can be used at the same time.

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